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 KissAndRide Application

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PostSubject: KissAndRide Application   KissAndRide Application Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 11:46 pm

* IGN: KiSSnRide
* Class: I/L Arch Mage
* Level (current acceptable level for KaR is 90+): 141

1. What is your name, or what would you like for us to call you? DZ

2. Is this character your main? Yes

3. What is the most recent guild you were a member of? Collision,Delictum

4. Do you have characters in other guilds, if so which guild/s? No

5. Have you ever been accused / involved in scammed or hacking (if yes, explain)? No

6. Is your character ranked (if no, explain)? Yes it is

7. Do you share your account? No

8. Why do you want to be in KaR? the guilds i have been in before always crashes because of drama...I wanted to join a guild that I can stay with forever and KaR is a guild that has been around for years(P.S. i had always wanted to join hence my game id, but I didn't know i had to do this application this way)recently just found out after one of the members told me

9. What are you hoping to get out of KaR? to have a good time here

10. Do you have a KaR or KtB member to refer you? sadly, no
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KissAndRide Application
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